The world’s most innovative wheel aligner.

Achsvermessung mit Q.Lign
Web-Based Powerhouse

  • Access aligner with any brower-based device
  • No need for Windows systems & licenses
  • No need for trolley
  • High-performance boards for fast tracking
Hard & Soft Shell Concept

  • Protection from shocks
  • Ergonomically balanced handle
  • Lightweight
OLED AlignScreen

  • Results exactly where you need them
  • Clear view on results from any wheel
  • Hands free for alignment
Customized Mono-Camera

  • Customized camera instead of off-the-rack
  • Fully optimized to alignment works in workshop setups
  • One position for all wheel bases
Li-Ion Battery Pack

  • No cables required for installation
  • Powerful battery pack that lasts a full working day
  • Swap batteries and continue alignment (Hot Swap)
E-Paper Display

  • Shows most relevant information for quick setup and service, e.g. Firmware version, SSID, etc.
  • Live status information, low energy consumption, easy access

Rethink wheel alignment with Q.Lign

Q.Lign is our answer to an increasingly digital and fast-paced world: ultra-fast, compact, connected. Rethinking wheel alignment.

The world’s first web-based wheel alignment system

  • Compact web-based technology replaces the entire trolley-computer setup, saving space.
  • Stream-to-X: mirroring the software directly to any TV, PC, laptop or smartphone.
  • Take advantage of Q.Lign integration into your workshop’s everyday processes and systems.

Q.Lign – unparalleled benefits

  • Web-based wheel alignment
  • Free vision thanks to AlignScreens
  • Mobile and compact installation on any lift
  • Instant display of measured values
  • Measurement board attachment five times faster thanks to Q.Grip
  • New target board design with auto ID functionality
  • Connected sensor heads

Q.Lign – no compromises

High speed

  • Powerful software and optimized procedures for the entire wheel alignment process
  • Q.Grip wheel holder for attachment in seconds, with no rim contact

Infinite possibilities

  • Completely wireless thanks to high-performance Li-ion batteries
  • Fits any wheel alignment lift, in-ground or off-ground
  • Measuring can take place at any lift position
  • The space in front of the lift can be permanently used for headlight setting or ADAS calibration
Q.Lign-Referenzsystem als Drohnenaufnahme

Reference system for straight steering wheels

What’s different about Q.Lign? Q.Lign is placed to the left and right of the lift instead of in front of it. The two sensor heads communicate via the Q.Lign reference system and keep determining their relative positions in space throughout the wheel alignment process.

Q.Grip for quick wheel alignments

The new Q.Grip holders allow you to attach measurement boards to the wheels five times faster compared to using conventional universal holders. This is because there is no need to remove hub caps or fit special adapters as Q.Grip attaches to the tire without even touching the rim.

Finally, a perfect wheel alignment system.

So what do you need to develop the world’s most advanced wheel alignment system? A Quantum.Lign.

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